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You've envisioned the perfect setting for your wedding - friends and family all around and your first dance with the one you love. Why not ensure the perfect musical setting by having Silver Streaks provide the perfect musical atmosphere for your special day? Silver Streaks offers you the finest musicians and vocalists anywhere that perform under the direction of an experienced bandleader, Rudy Gisolfi, ensuring that your wedding reception will be everything you've ever dreamed of. Silver Streaks takes great pride in offering a wide range of vocal and musical styles, satisfying the varied musical tastes of all your guests. Silver Streaks is a family of musicians who have played together for many years, not a revolving group with substituting members.

From the start of your initial consultation, you will realize that music is Rudy's life work. He is dedicated to arranging your wedding reception's music to a perfect fusion of elegance and entertainment. Silver Streaks will learn "your song", take requests from your guests, introduce the wedding party, and generally make the event a musical celebration of your wedding day. Full and/or partial master of ceremony duties are available. All announcing and introductions subject to your desires are coordinated with Rudy several weeks before your wedding date. Should you desire music for your ceremony or cocktail hour, Rudy can provide a wide array including, harp, flute, violin, piano/organ, guitar, trumpets and string quartets, jazz trios and many other combinations as well. Silver Streaks will adapt their perfomance to any range of formality or informality according to your wishes.

Silver Streak's and Rudy's professionalism, attention to detail, and experience with weddings are invaluable assets. Knowing that Silver Streaks will keep your guests entertained and happy throughout the entire reception, will let you enjoy the best day of your life even more!




August 22, 2011

Dear Rudy,

Greg and I can't thank you enough for playing at our wedding. The Silver Streaks were fantastic! A month later people are still telling us how much fun they had. It is so true that the band can really make a wedding special. From the beginning, coordinating our wedding plans and working with you was so easy. Anything that we asked of you was done - including organizing musicians for our wedding mass, recommending different songs and being patient with every nervous bride question I threw at you! The cocktail hour was wonderful and the three musicians provided lovely music to kick off the night. At our reception the band kept the party going and rarely took breaks. We danced the entire night, which is exactly what we wanted for our wedding day! The music was the perfect mix - from Oldies to Lady Gaga - it was AMAZING. The band members were professional, talented and even open to Greg joining them for a song. It meant so much to us that Greg could play the tenor sax with the band. Not only was it so much fun to watch (and for him to play!), but it was also a unique memory we'll be able to cherish forever. On behalf of my parents, I just wanted to add what a special memory this will be for them because Silver Streaks played at their wedding almost 28 years ago. My mom and dad always said how much fun their wedding was and we knew from the very beginning ours would be great, too!

Thank you so much!

All our love,

Jess and Greg Vetter

August 17, 2011

As head of the committee for the New Rochelle Council on the Arts summer concert programs, I want to endorse Rudy Gisolfi and his Silver Streaks! We have featured several bands throughout the year but his is one that the audience insists return. They are not only great musicians but also great showmen. A TREAT to behold!!!!

Dianne Flagello

June 12, 2011

Hi Rudy,

Thank you so much for playing at our wedding. We had an amazing time and all of the guests had a blast!

Kristin and Ken O'Hara

December 30, 2010

Hi Rudy,

It has been so crazy since we got back from our honeymoon with Christmas and all but I just wanted to thank you so much. We had the most wonderful time at the wedding - you guys rocked! We've heard from so many people how awesome you guy were. From beginning to end the band was so great. I really think I danced almost the entire night. Hope to see you soon. Have a fantastic New Years!

Thank you!!

Lauren :)

September 11, 2010

Hi Rudy,

Jon and I just got home from our honeymoon and we said that when we got home we needed to send you a message. We had the most amazing time at our wedding and Silver Streaks played a big role in the success. Our guests were on the dance floor from when we entered into the reception until the end of the night. You guys did such an amazing job that night!!! We cannot thank you all enough for the fabulous job that you did. I also want to thank you for doing such an amazing and touching job on both my father daughter dance as well as mine and Jon's first dance. THANK YOU AGAIN, and we hope that we will see you around at other weddings. We will definitely be sure to recommend you to others!!

Warm Regards,

Tracy and Jon (Petrosini) Gavern

June 14, 2010

Dear Rudy,

I wanted Megan and Adam and our guests to have a great time but I didn't expect to have a blast as well and I really did! I haven't danced that much in years. The tux needs to go to the cleaners. Everyone thought that you guys were great both during the dinner when the music was more background and then after-wards during the dance set. My favorite part was the British invasion in the second set. I was back in 1966! And it sounded like I was really listening to the Beatles and the Stones! If you ever need a referral call me and feel free to use this with my name on your website.

Dr. & Mrs. John Mara

December 2005

Hi Rudy,

Since we lived more than 1,000 miles away from our wedding site, we weren't able to check out any bands, even though we knew finding the right one would be one of the most important decisions we made as we planned our wedding. Not sure what to do,  we asked the banquet manager at our reception site for recommendations. She mentioned a few bands but said if we really want to see everyone on the dance floor, we should pick Silver Streaks Band.
We're thrilled we did.
Rudy and the rest of Silver Streaks outdid themselves. At our request they learned the words to our first dance - they had only played the song instrumentally in the past. Rudy also spoke with us several times before the wedding to make sure he understood exactly what we wanted, from our introduction at the reception to the type of music we wanted played during the cocktail hour, dinner and dancing part of the reception.
The consultations paid off.
Silver Streaks had everyone at our wedding on the dance floor, including Josh's aunt who recently had two hips replaced! Several time during the reception, people stopped me to say how great the band was. Even now, two weeks after the wedding, we continue to receive great reviews about the wedding and the band. Truth be told, I asked for a foot massage on our honeymoon because my feet still ached from dancing so much!  
Virginia and Joshua Hale

August 15, 2002,

Dear Rudy,

Chris and I want to thank you and your band for making our wedding on June 29th at the Country Club of Fairfield such a fabulous evening. You came highly recommended to us by Sandy Zera, a woman who as the owner of one of the oldest music stores in Fairfield, has extremely high standards. After dancing all night at our wedding to your music, it is quite clear why Silver Streaks was her top choice of all the bands she recommended. From our first contact with you, you were very personable, accommodating, and extremely professional. Each of these characteristics was evident in everything you did from the prompt delivery of your musical selections and CD, to your closing song at the end of the wedding. You provided us with more than enough information about yourself and the band to make us feel confident in our decision and guided us through all the details of the night. When the song we chose for our first dance was not one you had played before, Chris and I were especially impressed that you were willing to take the time to learn it. When you did play it, you made it sound possibly even better than the original recording. It was a pleasure to hear it done so well. Each of your band members is clearly so very talented, as was demonstrated by the range of music you were able to play. Lisa has an exceptionally beautiful voice and everyone in your band is an outstanding musician. It was obvious that your band members enjoy what they do and take their jobs seriously. The jazz you played during the cocktail hour put the guests in an upbeat mood that set the tone for the remainder of the night. You played a variety of songs that appealed to all ages and preferences for music. It was fun to see certain guests who are often considered "wallflowers" out on the dance floor tearing it up and I think much of that had to do with the music you played and the way you played it. You chose a perfect balance of slow songs and fast ones and the transitions between songs were always smooth. The guests really enjoyed themselves and people are still complimenting me on what a great band you were. Many of them have asked me "How did you ever find such a great band?" I tell them how I looked in the right place, a music store, of course, and because of that I found the perfect band for our wedding. Silver Streaks certainly made it a fantastic night and we are both truly grateful. Now Chris and I, along with Sandy Zera and all the guests, will be recommending Silver Streaks to anyone seeking a great band for their special occasion.

Many Thanks,

Margaret M.

October 8, 2002

Dear Rudy and band…

September 21. It was the BEST! Everyone keeps calling us about the great time they had. I really do think having a band of such high quality makes the difference. When the kids got engaged, Kate knew that she wanted a band (not a DJ) so I immediately thought of the band that played at our wedding 30 years ago. That band was The Silver Streaks! My parents go raves from family and friends about the great wedding that we had. I guess history does repeat itself! You do get what you pay for. And a band at a wedding adds a little class and something special to the affair. You told Kate “we’ll get the all out on the floor” and you certainly did. Some of them are still dancing.

Please thank all the members of the band and an extra big thanks to you for helping to make our daughter’s wedding one of the best.


Pat and Carl Y.

September 24, 2001

Dear Rudy,

We must thank you and the Silver Streaks once again for the great music you provided on Saturday. Everyone - locals and out-of-towners loved you. How wonderful to have a talent you are able to share with others!

You will always be a part of the beautiful memory we tried to create for Lynn and Brett.


Damian and Sandra V.

July 28, 2001

Dear Rudy,

Thank you for helping make our wedding day so much fun. Silver Streaks was awesome. We received so many compliments on our wedding, especially the music!

Thanks again,

Michele G.

June 3, 2001

Dear Rudy and Silver Streaks

Jason and I wanted to thank the band for making our wedding such a memorable event. All of our guests couldn't say enough great things about the band. Everyone had a wonderful time thanks to you guys. Jason and I also appreciate you learning the Van Morrison song for our dance. It was great! Thanks again for making our wedding so special.


Ashli and Jason

May 24, 2001

Dear Rudy,

Your band was fantastic-we have heard so many compliments about the music. It was obvious by the way the dance floor was always crowded.

Thank you for helping to make this special day so perfect.

We look forward to seeing you in the future.


Jim and Sandy

May 5, 2001

Dear Rudy and the Silver Streaks Band,

We can't thank you enough for the wonderful job you did at our wedding. Everyone raved about how wonderful the music was! You know the wedding is a success, when everyone is dancing!

We have already recommended you to others and will continue to do so. We can't thank you enough.

Your professionalism was greatly appreciated when my father became ill and we had to rearrange songs at the last minute. You all are very kind and understanding.

Thank you again.

Kathy and Chris F.

May 2, 2000

Mr. Rudy Gisolfi
Business Manager and Band Leader
Six Cavray Road East
East Norwalk, CT 06855

Dear Rudy,

The reviews of our wedding on Sunday are coming in via email, phone and in person from many who attended the event and they are all raves. Many commented on the ceremony, the perfect day of nice weather, and the facility. But all mentioned your band and it's performance as a major reason for their enjoying themselves as much as they did. Getting married at age 47 as I did means that I've attended a lot of weddings as had Jill and in fact many of our guests. Yet none in my memory stand out as much as our own when it comes to getting guests into such a party atmosphere as quickly as your band did. The band's enthusiasm, excellent sound, and selection of music were superb. You "read" the crowd perfectly, knew what to play and when, with musicians and vocals of exceptional technical ability.

As I recall, during preliminary planning for our wedding my fiancée and I couldn't decide upon whether to hire a deejay or a band because of our concern of the band taking over the wedding with performers who would force their particular style on us. And, frankly, cost was also an issue. But after listening to your CD, my fiancée felt that a band that sounded as good as yours was worth whatever the cost difference if the band could deliver. Well you and the Silver Streaks delivered and then some. It was clear to us that the degree of professionalism and pride that you take in your work would permit Jill and I to recommend your band to any that seek out entertainment. There simply is no way a deejay could ever come close to substituting the positive enthusiastic spirit that your band created for our guests.

Jill and I want to thank you and all the band members for your cooperation, attention to detail, and genuine desire to put on a performance that will be talked about for many years to come.

Warmest regards on behalf of my (now) wife, Jill and myself,

Michael M.

October 22, 1999

Dear Rudy,

Michael and I just wanted to say thank you again for the excellent job you and the rest of the band did at our wedding. You made our day perfect!


Patty and Michael

September 1999

Dear Rudy and The Silver Streaks,

Thank you for playing our wedding and for the incredible music. The band was fantastic and all our guests raved about you! The sound was phenomenal and you played all of our favorites including the best one, "You're Still the One" (or whatever the name is…). We couldn't have had such an amazing wedding without you, so our very special thanks and applause. Thanks again for everything.


Kathrine and Kenric

P.S. Thank you also for helping Kenric to make one of both our dreams come true… his song was above and beyond what we ever expected!

July 1999

Dear Rudy,

We wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job you and the Silver Streaks Band did at our wedding.

From the ceremony through the reception, you exceeded our very high expectations. Silver Streaks is a fabulous band and we will continue to recommend you to anyone needing a band.

Thank you for making our wedding the wonderful day it was.

Marie and Brian M.

Dear Rudy and Silver Streaks,

Thank you so much for making our wedding a hit. Every day we bump into one of our guests. The first thing they say is, "What a great band at your wedding!" Thank you all so much, if you ever need a reference (not that you will) please call us! Thanks again.


Joe and Karen

July 25, 1997

Mr. Rudy Gisolfi
Silver Streaks Band
Six Cavray Road East
East Norwalk, CT 06855

Dear Rudy,

We're still on a high from a great wedding!

My sincerest thanks for your great performance at Nancy and Chris' wedding. The band was beyond our expectations and we fell that you made the event the best it could have been. Please express my thanks to all band members.

All guests had a good time as evidenced by the fact that after you finished playing, after midnight, there were at least 75 to 100 people still in the room; no one wanted to leave.

Please also extend my thanks to the trio, who adapted to our changes and were outstanding. Everyone remarked as to the appropriateness of the ceremony.

Sincerely yours,

Lawrence R.

September 25, 1995

Mr. Rudy Gisolfi
Six Cavray Road East
East Norwalk, CT 06855

Dear Rudy,

It has always seemed to me that a true professional does more than just perform. The real professional does thorough preparation, then performs, then follows up.

Without a doubt you are a true professional! All of your preparations with Gwynn paid off in an array of tunes that was perfect for the evening. The music of you and your group was absolutely dynamite. It is amazing how you and your group can create such a diversity of wonderful musical performance.

And then you capped it off with your note of September 12. Gwynn's biased father agrees with your comments.

Many, many thanks to you and your band. I also look forward to our bash on December 16. I doubt my colleagues will be able to match the dancing antics of Gwynn and her chums but I know we will have a wonderful time.

All the best,

Paul D.

Dear Rudy,

We just wanted to write a short note of many thanks for the beautiful music you provided for Brigg and Peter's wedding. What entertainers you are!

We all had a great time and we know a large part of any wedding is the entertainment. You made the evening very special for all of us. The harp and flute were an elegant touch and put just the right atmosphere in the air for the cocktail hour. Please relay our many thanks for the lovely job they did as well.

We're looking forward to hearing your wonderful music again on December 18th at the Norelco party.

Again thank you so much for helping to make the evening such a special occasion. People are still talking about it.

Best regards,

Connie and Pat D.


Silver Streaks Band
Six Cavray Road East
East Norwalk, CT 06855
203.866.1448 (fax)

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